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Gent’s Barbering at West M^n Men’s Grooming Salon in Westhill, Aberdeenshire

At West M^n  barber shop in Westhill near Aberdeen we offer the perfect men’s hair cut in the relaxed and friendly environment of our dedicated men’s grooming salon.  All our barbers and colourists are fully trained in the latest men’s styling techniques and offer excellent quality, current and traditional hairstyles for men.  Our stylists will take you through an in-depth consultation to ensure we achieve the hairstyle of your choice.  Whether you’re after a complete restyle or just a quick tidy up, you can be sure of receiving the best men’s haircut at West M^n

For inspiration, check out the gents’ hairstyles on this page.  To book an appointment, call the salon on 01224 741313 or book online by clicking on the grey bar to the right of the screen.

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Buzz cuts, fades & tapered hairstyles for gents

The low maintenance clipper cut never goes out of style: this short, clean look is a hairdressing classic.  Hair can be clippered all over into a buzz cut, or combined with more texture on top, tapering into a fade or disconnected look. 

A taper fade is a classic men’s hairstyle which incorporates the traditional ‘short back and sides’.  It’s a versatile look that’s smart for the office but can also look trendy for casual situations.  For a fade, your stylist will blend your hair from the crown using clippers, so it becomes shorter at the nape of the neck.  A taper is a more gradual trim than a fade, with your hair becoming shorter around the ears and back.

Disconnected men’s hairstyles

Disconnected or undercut hairstyles for men remain on-trend. These are similar to tapers or fades, but with a sharper contrast or transition between the very short sides and longer hair on top.   Your stylist will also help you style your hair so you can, if you wish, wear it well-groomed during the day and ‘messed up’ for an evening out.  Texturising or layering a great style if you have thinning hair as it can help to create volume and movement.

Long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyles for men are a fashionable trend, with guys finding they are able to create a range of stylish and versatile looks with their longer locks.  Do bear in mind though that if you are rocking a long-haired look, it’s important to give your hair the care and attention it needs to maintain its condition and prevent split and wispy ends.  Book in to our men’s hairdressers in Westhill for a regular trim and a hair conditioning treatment to keep your long hair looking its best.  We offer a range of hair treatments from Sebastian Professional, designed to strengthen and restore your hair, keeping it in optimum condition.

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If you are looking for some of the best men’s haircuts in Aberdeenshire, look no further!  To book your hair cut or colour appointment, call the salon on 01224 741313 or 01224 744927 or book online by clicking on the bar to the right of the screen.

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