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Gentlemen’s Grooming Treatments at West Man Barber Shop, Westhill, Aberdeen

Male grooming isn’t simply about having a good haircut, so make sure you look your best with our range of grooming services for men.  After all, whether you want to look your best or simply need to unwind and relax, everyone needs a little extra attention now and again!  

The Best Male Grooming Near Aberdeen Westhill hair salon

Why not treat yourself to a beard trim to tidy up your facial hair? We also offer a great waxing service for gents at our barber shop in Westhill.

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Beard Trims at west man barber shop in westhillwaxing for men at West Man Barbershop Westhill Aberdeen

Whether you are looking for a quick beard trim and tidy up or a full beard shaping service, we offer an unparalleled service.  Our experienced barbers will ensure you achieve an even beard and sharp look, leaving your facial hair in peak condition. 

Why not combine a beard trim with a cut and finish, so you can sharpen your beard along with your hair cut?

Men’s Waxing Services at west man barbers

Waxing is a popular and effective way of keeping unwanted hair at bay.  It’s quick and relatively painless, and completely removes hair, leaving the waxed area smooth and hairless for weeks. 

At West Man we can get rid of your problem ear and nose hair with our waxing service as well as waxing your unruly eyebrows to get them into perfect shape.  We also offer full waxing service to ensure you look perfectly groomed.

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