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Restorative Hair in Recovery Service For Hair Loss 
Available Now at west with style Hair Salon in Westhill

We know just how demoralizing the effects of hair loss can be, so we now offer a restorative service at our salon near Aberdeen, designed to make you look and feel better.

Called Hair in Recovery, this unique hair extensions programme (developed in consultation with top trichologist Iain Sallis) is specifically designed for people suffering from medical hair loss (caused by chemotherapy) or those with androgenetic hair loss, or fine thinning hair.  The treatment involves the sensitive application of Racoon’s Luxe Bonds, to give an excellent natural-looking style, helping you to regain confidence and boost self-esteem.

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The service uses Racoon's Luxe Bond system, in which 'micro bonds' are applied to create the look and style you desire.  The bonds are kind and gentle to your natural hair, being very light-weight.  They take on the colour of your natural hair making them absolutely discreet and virtually invisible to the naked eye.  The Hair in Recovery programme offers a great alternative to wigs if you are suffering from hair loss.

Take a look at the video below to find out more about the way in which the Racoon Luxe bond system works:

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This service can only be offered by fully trained stylists, certified in both Racoon Luxe Bond and the Hair in Recovery programme.  Chelsea and Theresa are both now fully qualified to offer this treatment at west with style, so book a consultation if hair loss is a problem affecting you or someone you know.

For people registered on the Hair in Recovery programme, we can offer a subsidy on the cost of the hair, bonding and aftercare products, the detail of which will be explained at your initial consultation.

Please note, chemotherapy patients must wait at least six months after completing their course and have a minimum of 10cm of hair regrowth before the Luxe Bonds can be applied.

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