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Hair treatments at west with style hairdressers in Westhill

If your hair is looking dry and drab, why not give it some TLC and replenish it from root to tip with a luxurious hair treatment from west with style hair salon in Westhill, Aberdeenshire?  We have a range of professional hair treatments which will restore your luscious locks, leaving your hair feeling as good as it looks.

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Improve hair strength & vitality with System Professional

Hair TreatmentsElastic Force is a finishing treatment which smoothes the surface of the hair, leaving it silky to the touch, with a natural feel.  It improves the hair’s strength and resilience whilst instantly improving its elasticity, making blowdrying and styling easier.

For damaged and weak hair, we recommend Emulsion Repair, which offers deep nourishment to the hair through targeted care ingredients.  The treatment will leave your hair feeling deeply conditioned and actively renewed.

Alchemy is a luxurious hair mask treatment which can be personalised to your hair type to get the very best results.  You can choose from smoothing, hydrating, volumising, scalp balancing masks as just some of the combinations available.  Your treatment will begin with a full consultation with one of our experts who will carefully select the most appropriate treatment for your hair and scalp.  This 30 minute treatment includes a stress relieving head, neck and shoulder massage, so you’ll leave the salon looking and feeling great.

Hair that is fragile and breaks easily can be repaired and reconstructed from the inside with System Professional’s Liquid Hair treatment.  Containing selected amino acids, which are building blocks of the hair’s keratin, this treatment refills the hair, reinforcing it for up to 5 washes.  Liquid Hair is a lightweight formula, so will not weigh your hair down, but will leave it with improved vitality and resilience.

nioxin hair loss products, west with style hair salon, westhill, aberdeenshireNioxin scalp renewal dermabrasion is an anti-ageing treatment which helps to regenerate and revitalise the scalp through exfoliation.  It acts like a facial for the scalp and is ideal for combating an oily scalp and also promoting greater hair growth.

Sebastian Professional hair treatments for strong shiny hair

Hair TreatmentsChemicals and heat can damage your hair, causing it to become stressed and in bad condition. 

Penetraitt Repair Masque from Sebastian Professional is a deep conditioning treatment designed to rescue your hair from damage and leave super strong and silky-soft.   

If you are worried about frizzy hair, the intense, nourishing formula contained in Hydre treatment will leave your hair silky and shiny again.  It’s also great for very dry and chemically treated hair.


Wellaplex hair colour protection, hair products, hairdressers in WesthillWellaplex is a great new hair treatment that will help to strengthen your hair, leaving it healthier and more manageable. Available as a stand-alone treatment or used during the hair colouring process, this treatment will add just 10 more minutes to your usual hair service.  

This is a three-step treatment that includes:

STEP 1:  N°1 BOND MAKER is mixed with your hair colour in the salon to strengthen the hair’s bonds. 

STEP 2:  N°2 BOND STABILIZER is added after your hair colour has been applied, to rebalance your hair’s pH and strengthen the hair structure after chemical treatments.

STEP 3:  N°3 HAIR STABILIZER can be used at home to keep your hair strong, smooth and soft.

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