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The perm is a classic hairstyle that conjures up images of the big hair of the 80′s, a look which was cast aside as flatter, slicker hairstyles came into vogue for a while.   

Things are changing now though and modern perming techniques mean men everywhere are embracing curly hair once again.  Whether you want a full head of curls or just something more subtle, the fully trained perm experts at our Westhill barber shop are ready to transform your look!

The perm hairstyle for men is now super fashionable, and can be worn lots of different ways for both long and short hair.  A perm will also compliment any face shape and will work well with any hair texture.   Modern techniques are gentle on the hair and the style will last for many months, making it less damaging than daily heat styling.

Maintaining a perm style is also very simple, cutting down the time it takes to create that cool look or perfect quiff! Simply wash, spray and go!

Call us now on 01224 744927 to book your new look!  Alternatively use the online booking bar to the right of the screen.  Got questions?  Check out our men's perms FAQs below.

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How Does A Perm Work?

A perm is a procedure where we apply chemicals to your hair to break the bonds within it and alter its natural texture, to make it curly or wavy, depending on your preference.  The technique creates permanent curls, hence the name.

Do Modern Perms Damage The Hair?

Perming is a process which should be left to professionals to minimise the risk of any damage to your hair's health.  Modern perming techniques have come a long way and our expert barbers will advise you on how to look after your permed hair to stop it drying out and maintain it in great condition.   Keep in mind that if your hair is heavily bleached or highlighted, a perm may not be the best treatment for you.  Speak to your WestMan barber who will advise you further.

Will I Get 80s Style Curls From A Modern Perm?

No, not unless that's the look you want!   Modern perming techniques use different approaches to winding the hair, rather than just the old style tightly wound plastic rods.  Coupled with the latest hair cutting techniques, this more creative approach allows us to add loose waves, or simply more body and texture to your hair rather than just big bubble curls!

How Long Does a Perm Last?

The length of time a perm will last depends on your hair length and how quickly it grows.  If you have short hair, you can expect your curls to last 3-4 months.  With longer hair, your perm may last for 6-8 months.

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