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weDO vegan eco friendly hair care products aberdeen hair salon

Introducing weDO/ Vegan Sustainable Hair Care at west with style Hairdressers in Westhill

weDo/ Professional is a new eco-ethical haircare brand that is on a mission to help people transition to a happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyle through acts, not words.

The range has been co-created with Wella's hairdressers and scientists to offer a new natural brand in which all products are designed to be more eco-ethical, Vegan Society certified and Cruelty Free International approved all whilst still delivering professional performance.

We are delighted to be able to offer you this multi-award-winning range at our hair salon near Aberdeen.

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Reduce Ocean Plastic With WeDO Ethical hair care range

Working To Reduce Ocean Plastic

A shocking 8 million tonnes of plastic flows into our oceans every year, joining the 2 billion tonnes of plastic already surrounding us.

This is a global issue that we all have a responsibility to work together to solve.  This is why weDO/ is partnering with Plastic Bank, which works with impoverished communities around the world to turn plastic pollution into funds and necessary services, transforming lives and the environment.

For every weDo/ product bought, 8 plastic bottles will be collected from the environment.

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Make The Switch To Natural Hair Care Products

Natural hair care and beauty products are formulated differently to traditional products, meaning that most of the synthetic ingredients are replaced with alternatives that are natural in origin. 

Although many products claim to contain natural ingredients, you will find that many of them tend to contain a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. By contrast weDO/ products are mostly made with natural origin ingredients and do not contain specific synthetic ingredients such as sulfates or silicones.

When switching to natural cleansing products, you might go through a transitional period for a few days or weeks while your hair and scalp gets used to the change.  Speak to your west with style stylist for advice on how to manage this.   

Natural shampoos are typically milder and gentler than traditional shampoos which means they protect the scalp better.  Some of the natural ingredients used in weDO/ shampoos include organic olive oil, bamboo leaf water, red clay and cassava root, which help to nourish the hair.

Because the natural shampoos are based on different ingredients compared to conventional ones, they might give you a different kind of beauty experience in terms of product consistency, usage and overall feel, but you can rest assured that they still offer outstanding results. 

WeDO Ethical Hair Care Products Westhill Hair Salon Aberdeen

weDO/ Shampoo Bars and More Eco Hair Care Products

Award-winning WeDO/ shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients and are designed with sustainability in mind, providing low waste as a result of minimal packaging and reduced water consumption.  They are available in two different formulas, for Light and Soft for Fine or Normal hair and Moisture and Shine for Normal or Damaged Hair.

The range also includes Silicone and Sulphate shampoos and conditioners and hair masks, all available with refill pouches, as well as natural skin care products.

Start Your Transition to Natural Eco Friendly Hair Care

To start to your transition to more sustainable hair care visit our Westhill salon.  Call us now 01224 741313 or 01224 744927 for more information or to purchase your weDO/ products.