Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Men

Wedding Hairstyles for Men at West Man Barbers Westhill Aberdeen

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Guys can tend to get off lightly when it comes to organising your wedding, but at West Man we know you’ll still want to look your best for your big day!  Once you’ve ticked off your formal attire from the checklist, it’s time to think about how you’ll be wearing your hair…

Wedding Hairstyles for Men Near You





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As the groom, you’ll want to look like the best version of yourself –  confident, clean and immaculately-groomed, whilst still standing out from the crowd.  The expert barbers at West Man hairdressing salon and barber shop in Westhill are ready to create the very best hairstyles for men to wear at weddings that will work for the groom, his groomsmen, and guests alike.

Best Wedding Day Hairstyles for Men

Get #WeddingReady this season at West Man hair salon near Aberdeen.   Read on for some wedding hairstyle ideas for men…

Wavy & Tousled Wedding Hairstyles for Menmen's wedding hairstyles Aberdeen barber shop

If your style is naturally tousled and textured, we’d recommend just working with it for the big day rather than trying too hard to smooth it down.  Plenty of male celebs choose a tousled look for formal events these days, so take their lead and stay true to your natural style!  Your West Man barber will ensure your waves look natural and can recommend the right products to make sure they stay tidy throughout the day.

Men’s Slick & Formal Wedding Day Hairstyles

Of course slick hair is one of the most popular formal hairstyles for men.  We’d recommend using a matte product in your hair that won’t appear shiny in wedding photos, though.  Your Martin & Phelps stylist can recommend a suitable product to use and will make sure your hair looks perfectly smooth on the big day.

Wedding Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair

Feel proud of your curls! Your West Man Barber will work a curl cream through hair to define curl and fight off any stubborn frizz.

Bring your Best Man & you could both get £10 Off!Wedding Hairstyles for men barber shop near Aberdeen

A visit to West Man Barber Shop can be a good pre-wedding activity for a group of guys, either right before the big day or that weekend.  We’ll even give both you and your best man £10 off your bill when you book in together if you  haven’t visited us before!  

Why Not Book in For a Professional Wet Shave?

For the ultimate male grooming luxury, why not treat yourself and your best man to a traditional wet shave at Martin and Phelps?  Relax and unwind with a deep cleansing facial massage before being swathed in hot towels and shaved in pure luxury by wet shave professionals.   Even better, if you buy two traditional wet shaves you can save 10% too!

Men’s Waxing Services in Westhill

For the ultimate pre-wedding day preparation, we also offer beard trims and men’s waxing services. Waxing is a popular and effective way of keeping unwanted hair at bay, including problem nose and ear hair.  It can also be used to get unruly eyebrows into perfect shape.  It’s a quick and relatively painless process, and completely removes hair, leaving the waxed area smooth and hairless for weeks.  Make sure you look perfectly groomed for your wedding.

Wedding Day Grooming: Do’sMen's Barber Service Weddings Aberdeen

·         DO pop into our Westhill barber shop soon after your engagement. We can help you create a grooming-plan so that your hair can reach its full potential in time for the big day.

·         DO bring in some screenshots of your favourite looks.  Although we might not be able to make you look like David Beckham, odds are we can recreate his latest hairstyle!

Wedding Day Grooming: Don’ts

·        DON’T leave your hair styling and grooming plans to the last minute!

·        DON’T treat your hair as an afterthought by going to barber shop the week of your wedding.

Book Your Wedding Grooming Appointment at West Man Barber Shop in Westhill, Aberdeen

The best thing to do to make sure you look your very best for your big day is book an appointment at our Westhill barber shop.  Simply call us on 01224 741313 or 01224 744927  or use our quick and easy online booking widget to the right of the page.