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Hair Care Tips for Summer from
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We all know that we should protect our skin when we go out in the sun, but it’s easy to forget that our hair needs SPF protection too.  The sun’s UV rays can wreak havoc on your locks, leaving them dry and frizzy like straw, with the colour looking faded or washed out.

The best way to fully protect your hair is to stay out of the sun on hot days or wear a hat or scarf but if you want to enjoy the sunshine, we have a fantastic range of sun protection products and restorative treatments available at west with style hairdressers in Westhill.

These are our top tips for looking after your hair during the summer months, whatever the weather.

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1.  Have a Regular Trim at west with style Hair Salon in Westhill

Make sure you book in with your west with style hair stylist for regular trims to keep your hair looking beautifully healthy over the summer and to keep those split ends at bay. 

It’s particularly important to book in for a trim when you return from holiday, whether you have beach-frazzled ends or wind-swept hair!

2.  Protect Your Hair from the Sun’s Harsh UV RaysSYSTEM-PROFESSIONAL-Solar-Sun-Oil

When you leave the salon with hair looking gorgeous, you’ll want to ensure that you keep it that way.  If you’re travelling somewhere hot for your summer holidays, or even if you’re having a stay-cation, it’s important to protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays.  Consider investing in a hair serum or spray with UV protection. 

At west with style we recommend System Professional’s Solar Sun Oil.  Perfect for all hair types, this water-resistant spray protects your hair both from the sun and the effects of swimming pool and sea water.  It also adds instant softness to your hair, reducing frizz and fly-away strands.  To purchase this summer must-have, simply ask your stylist at west with style and we’ll be happy to help.

3.  Leave Conditioner in Your Hair

After you’ve been for a swim in the sea or the pool, we’d recommend that you wash your hair again using a professional quality shampoo and conditioner.  You can even leave your conditioner in to give your hair an extra boost of moisture… just style your hair into a cool slicked-back look!  Click here to find out about the full range of professional hair care products we offer at our westhill hair salon.  There’s something for every hair type.

4.  Banish Summer Frizz with a Hair Smoothing Treatment at west with style

Summer heat and humidity can be a key cause of frizzy hair (remember Monica from Friends on her trip to Barbados?!)   Luckily at west with style we have the perfect solution for banishing the frizz in the form of our Kebelo hair smoothing system. This revolutionary system includes botanical proteins and will leave your hair smooth and silky for up to 100 days, even in the most humid conditions.   Find out more here.

5.  Seek Hair Advice from west with style Hairdressers in Westhill

If in doubt, seek advice from one of our expert hair stylists at west with style. We can get your hair into great condition and give you the summer style or colour you’ve been dreaming of!  Book your hair appointment online or call us on 01224 741313 or 01224 744927.   While you book your new holiday look, we’d recommend that you pre-book your post-holiday appointment now so that we can trim away any split ends and refresh your colour, ensuring you look great right through until autumn.

From all of us at west with style, have a great summer!  We look forward to seeing you soon.