Post-Lockdown Hair Trends and Transformations

Revitalise Your Hair Post-Lockdown at west with style Hairdressers Aberdeenshire

We’re so happy to welcome you back to our hair salon and barbers in Westhill!  The long months at home have given us plenty of time to consider our next hairstyle, and many of our visitors are opting for complete hair transformations for the ‘new normal‘ we’re living in.  If you’re looking for a big hairstyle change but you haven’t found found the inspiration yet, you’re in luck: below are some of the most popular and fashionable hairstyles at the salon since we re-opened.

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Lovely Lobs and Fashionable French Girl Bobs

If lockdown has left you drowning in overgrown hair and desperate for a good chop, you’re not alone.  Short hairstyles have soared in popularity since we reopened, from pixie cuts to gorgeous lobs.  If you choose a shorter haircut, you’ll be pleased to hear that the world of fashion is on your side.  Elle magazine has recently called the French girl bob (characterised by a fringe and blunt, chin-length cut) “the only haircut to get post-lockdown“. 

The extra benefit of short hair in the current times is that some argue it is more hygienic and convenient – it doesn’t get caught in masks and requires less blow-drying.  Nothing says ‘new hair, new me‘ quite like a striking short haircut, so book your transformation at our Westhill salon today!

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Beautiful Balayage

The long months at home may have left your colour looking out-grown and tired, and many of our clients have been asking for big changes to their hair colour.  If attempts at box-dying your hair during lockdown have made you desperate for a more natural and professional looking style, take a look at the amazing transformation below – from black box dye to graduated caramel balayage

At west with style, we love creating bespoke balayage looks to suit everyone, and it remains by far the most colour request now that the salon is open again.   For more information about this and other potential hair transformations, take a look at our hair colour page.

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Be Bold with Fashion Colours

Lockdown has taught us that life is too precious to live boringly!  With this in mind, many of our latest guests have chosen to opt for bright and bold fashion colours, such as the pink hair below.  If you’ve always wondered what your hair would look like with an unusual colour, don’t be scared to talk to one of our talented colour technicians, who have the expertise to make your hair look beautiful, no matter how bold the colour.

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Love Your Natural Hair

Lockdown has given us all a chance to get to know our natural hair, often after months or years of cutting and colouring.  Many of our clients now have hair that’s longer than ever before, and they’re asking to keep it that way.  If this is you, we’ll be happy to revitalise your hair by giving it extra volume and removing those pesky split ends – take a look at the gorgeous princess hair below.

It’s not just hair length that people are embracing.  During lockdown, many have realised that grey hair is something to be proud of, not daunted by, and the hashtag “Greyvolution” has been trending across social media.  If you’re ready to join this hair revolution, we can provide you with beautiful styles and colours which enhance, rather than hide, your silver hair.

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Back to School

Now’s the time to give your child a shiny new hair cut which will make them look and feel like the top of their class, ready for the new school year!  Our stylists have a range of styles up their sleeves to suit your child’s unique personality.  Children’s hair prices can be found here.

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Book Your Post-Lockdown Hair Transformation at west with style and West Man Barbers Aberdeenshire

We’re looking forward to welcoming you back to our covid-secure salon soon.   Appointments can be booked by calling us on 01224 741313 or 01224 744927, or by using our easy online booking system

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