New Year’s Resolutions

Top Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions from west with style Hairdressers in Westhill

We all start the year with great intentions, but how many of us are still sticking to our  New Year’s Resolutions a week into 2019?  Whether you haven’t made any yet or you’ve already broken them, at west with style hair salon and barbers in Westhill we have got some great tips for keeping your resolutions, and also have some new year’s hair resolutions that you’ll actually want to keep…

New-Year-Resolutions - advice from best Aberdeen hair salon west with styleHow to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year we promise ourselves that we’ll eat more healthily, exercise more, cut down on alcohol and spend more time with family and friends – but unless you have an iron-clad will, you’ll probably have broken your resolutions by the start of February!

So how can we stick to our goals?

There’s no need to despair! According to the American Psychological Association, you can keep your New Year’s resolution on track by following these steps:

  • Start out with just one resolution. By focusing your attention on changing a single element of your life you are more likely to succeed. 
  • Try a new resolution in 2019.  Trying to restart that diet and exercise plan from last year is likely to lead to the same disappointment.  Exciting new resolutions could give you more motivation to stick to them.
  • Your resolution should be important to you.  Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd… if your resolution is a bit unusual but important to you, stick with it!  Studies show you’ll be more successful.
  • Don’t give up!  Try not to be too hard on yourself – we all struggle with keeping our New Year’s Resolutions.  If you’ve already broken yours, get back on track as soon as possible and you can still achieve your 2019 goals!

New Year New Looks from west with style hair salon in WesthillNew Year’s Resolution: Have a Hair Makeover at west with style Hair Salon in Westhill!

If you’ve given up on your resolutions already or you haven’t thought of one yet, maybe you could decide that 2019 is going to be a fresh new start for your hair.  After all, you know what they say… new hair, new you!

If you’ve had the same hair style for years, a makeover is a great New Year’s resolution that is well within your reach and easy to achieve.

Whether you choose to change up your hair length, style or colour, a hair makeover will have a knock-on effect on other areas of your life.  It may even give you the confidence boost you need to apply for that new job or promotion, make new friends or even go to the gym!

Our expert stylists and colour technicians at our salon in Westhill are trained to know which styles will suit you depending on your face shape, hair type, skin tone and eye colour.  Your stylist will listen to what looks inspire you and give you some helpful tips about what looks will suit you, your lifestyle and your sense of style.

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