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Care For Grey Hair With The Wella True Grey Silver Glow System
Available at west with style Hairdressers in Westhill

Embracing your natural grey hair can be liberating but grey hair also comes with its own unique set of challenges!  If your hair has become wiry, unmanageable, less shiny or developed unwanted yellow tones, you'll be pleased to hear of the latest grey hair care treatments at our Westhill hair salon.

Silver Glow by True Grey is a revolutionary in-salon treatment specifically designed to enhance and revitalise natural grey hair. We offer seven different shades of grey - including a neutral gloss - that will add a gentle temporary tint to your colour which fades with each wash.

Available at west with style hairdressers in Westhill, this salon toning treatment will boost your hair's silver tones, enhance condition and get rid of brassiness.  The full treatment takes 30 minutes and is the perfect add-on treatment when you come in for a cut & finish.  

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Find Your Best Shade Of Grey

Wella's True Grey Cream Toners are available in seven different shades of grey with 3 different intensities. The grey enhancements include Pearl Mist, Violet Grey, Steel Glow, Blue Grey, and a neutral Graphite Shimmer.  During a consultation, we can assess your hair and find the perfect toner to enhance your grey hair.  These toners work beautifully on fully or partially grey hair and are kind to your hair.  

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You can book your hair appointment online using the button to the right of the screen.  Book a Cut & Finish and add on the 'True Grey' service. Or you can call us on 01224 741313 or 01224 744927.